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StORYHow The  Trade Finder was Born?

Hey, Thank you so much for visiting! Imagine if you could be really good at trading without spending all day on your computer. That's what we wanted because, like you, we're super busy Entrepreneurs. So, guess what? We translated out 34 plus years of market experience and knowledge and created something special that is unique, simple and has time-tested strategies. We created something awesome called Trade Finder. It's like a magic tool that helps you pick the best stocks super fast. And guess what? It worked so well for us and our friends that we thought, "We've got to share this with everyone!"

Trade Finder is like our special secret for trading, but it's no fun if we keep it to ourselves. So, we're sharing it with you! It's our way of helping you become amazing at trading without it being too hard or taking too much time.

So, are you ready to check out Trade Finder? It's going to make trading as easy as playing your favorite video game. Let's do this together and make trading super cool and fun!

Welcome to the easy and fun world of trading with Trade Finder



Imagine this: You're juggling a million tasks, whether it's your demanding job, running your hustle, or being there for your family. You know you should be making your money work harder for you, but there's a giant wall standing in your way: TIME. It's the monster that haunts your dreams, eating away at your ambitions of trading STOCKS and growing your wealth.

Now, let's throw another curveball into the mix: the world of trading is a wild jungle. It's messy, it's loud, and to be honest, it can be downright intimidating. You're expected to dive into deep analysis and research, spending countless hours that you simply don't have, trying to make sense of this chaos. The truth? It's overwhelming, and for many, it feels like a battle that's just not worth fighting.



But what if I told you there's a secret solution waiting to be unleashed? Enter, your knight in shining armor. Crafted by the wizards of the market who've seen it all, is here to transform your relationship with the financial world.

Designed with you, the relentless worker, the tireless entrepreneur, the dedicated family caretaker—in mind, makes sure your money doesn't just sit around; it hustles, just like you. Picture getting access to the cream of the crop, high-probability trades that have been carefully analyzed, risk-managed and delivered to your fingertips in less than 60 seconds.

No more endless hours wasted on research. No more feeling lost in the chaotic noise of the markets. With, stepping into informed trading decisions is as easy and swift as snapping your fingers. Welcome to a world where investing is not only smart but also simple and speedy.

Welcome to

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Reason 1 - Save Precious Time

 Instantly access market analysis and trade recommendations, freeing up your schedule.


Reason 2 - Empowers Busy Individuals

 Specifically built for those who demand efficiency and effectiveness in their investment strategy.


Reason 3  - Delivers Exceptional Trades

Benefit from our platform's ability to identify high-potential trades, optimizing your portfolio's performance. 


Reason 4 - Simplified Research and Analysis on the Go

Stay ahead with mobile-friendly features that ensure you're never out of touch with the market.


Reason 5 - Risk Managed Trades

 Make confident decisions with trades that are pre-vetted for risk, enhancing your success rate.


Reason 6  - High Probability Success due to TIME TESTED STRATEGIES

Focus on trades with a higher likelihood of profitability, backed by in-depth analysis. 


Reason 7 - Market Insights and Expert Insights in a Flash

Leverage the expertise of market veterans for rapid, comprehensive market insights.


Reason 8 - All the heavy lifting is done for you

 We crunch all the complex data and present you with simplified actionable insights.


Reason 9 - We Put Silicone Valley Tech in your pocket

All the computation we do is resource hungry we have taken care of all the resources so that you don't have to.


Reason 10 - Stops, profit taking points ready for you

Clarity and actionable insights at their best. Once you start seeing results you will never leave it alone!


Reason 11 - Institutional Power in your pocket

Institutional-level stock selection power without breaking the bank 


Reason 12 - Conquer the markets

Conquer the markets with risk balanced quality stock selection



Coming Soon - Options Scanners



Breakout Scanner

The Breakout Scanner is your go-to tool for spotting stocks on the verge of making significant moves. By identifying optionable stocks gearing up for a breakout, this scanner gives you the early bird advantage. Imagine catching the wave just as it starts maximizing your potential for substantial gains. For subscribers of, this means you're always one step ahead, ready to seize opportunities as they emerge



Sector Scanner

Dive into the heart of market movements with our Sector Option Scanner. This powerful tool sifts through sectors, pinpointing those ripe for trading options. Whether bullish or bearish trends are unfolding, you'll have the insights to make informed decisions. subscribers gain an unparalleled view of the market landscape, enabling strategic investments that align with sectoral strengths and weaknesses.



Cross Over Scanner

Momentum is the name of the game, and our Cross Over Scanner is the master of the hunt. By identifying optionable stocks experiencing momentum crosses, this scanner ensures you're always on the right side of the trend. Catching stocks as they begin their ascent or descent allows for timely, informed trading decisions. For users, it's like having an expert providing clarity in the chaos of market movements.





Our platform crunches massive amounts of data after the market closes and transforms chaos into actionable insights.

Actionable insights are presented in a user-friendly, color-coded format that is searchable and sortable!

All under 60 Seconds!



Here is why you need it next you! 

  • It Forecasts Market’s NEXT Move
  • It finds Hot and Cold Sectors
  • Gives Best and Worst Industries
  • Gives BEST Stocks in Top sector
  • Gives Momentum Stocks
  • Gives Gap Trades
  • It gives stocks to avoid
  • It does RISK assessment
  • Gives market matching scans
  • It has 38 Top scans
  • Gives Stops and Targets
  • Gives Market Forecast


Elevating Your Trading Experience Beyond the Competition


Unlock the Secret to High Rewards with Minimal Risk

At TradeFinder24/7, we've turned the art of balancing risk and reward into a science. Our scans meticulously calculate the reward-to-risk ratio, guiding you toward investments where the potential for gain far outweighs the risk. Imagine confidently navigating the market, armed with insights that spotlight the golden opportunities, and high-reward ventures with minimized risks. For our subscribers, this means not just investing, but investing wisely, ensuring every move is a step towards substantial growth.


Exclusive Access to Premier Option Scanners Without Extra Charges

Why pay more when you can have the best for less? Unlike others who nickel and dime for every tool, TradeFinder24/7 breaks the mold by offering our top-tier Option Scanners as part of your subscription. No extra charges, and no surprises, just unparalleled access to sophisticated scans for calls and puts, enabling you to explore and exploit the options market to its fullest. For TradeFinder24/7 subscribers, this means enjoying the elite tools necessary for advanced options strategies, enriching your trading arsenal without thinning your wallet. Unlock the full spectrum of trading possibilities, knowing that with us, the best things aren’t extras—they’re essentials.


Strategic Profit and Loss Guidance

Say goodbye to guesswork with our strategic profit-taking and stop-loss-level recommendations. At TradeFinder24/7, we understand the importance of both securing your gains and safeguarding your investments. Our tools provide clear, actionable levels for both buying and selling, ensuring you're equipped to make informed decisions that optimize your earnings and minimize losses. For our subscribers, this means a roadmap to resilience and profitability in the ever-changing market landscape, ensuring you're always a step ahead.

Begin Your Journey to Market Mastery

Embark on a Path to Uncover Trading's Greatest Secrets Today!


Effortless Market Mastery at Your Fingertips

Dive into trading with confidence, knowing the common pitfalls of market analysis and research won't hold you back. Many traders lose out because they're overwhelmed by the complexity of market research or simply don't know where to begin. TradeFinder247 changes the game by distilling complex market analysis into digestible, actionable insights. Say goodbye to endless hours of research and hello to streamlined, effective strategies designed to enhance your trading journey from day one.


Navigate Any Market with 38 Dynamic Scans

The market's constant flux demands a versatile approach, and that's exactly what our 38 different scans offer. Whether the market is surging, plummeting, or meandering, TradeFinder247 equips you with the right tools to thrive. These scans are your compass in the ever-changing landscape of trading, ensuring you're always prepared, no matter the market's direction. Embrace the adaptability to flourish in any market condition, making every move with precision and confidence.


Elite Strategies without the Elite Price Tag

Don't settle for subpar strategies with dismal win-loss ratios. brings you the crème de la crème of trading strategies, handpicked from top market veterans, and makes them accessible to you. We believe in democratizing trading success, ensuring you can execute trades with strategies proven over decades, without breaking the bank. Step into the realm of informed trading, where premium strategies lead to superior results, and financial empowerment is within reach.



Trade Finder 24/7 Has Been Receiving Love From Our Happy Customers Here

Our Customers are Falling in Love with Trade Finder 247 is Incredible. I started using it about a month ago and never looked back. What it did for my investments and trading has been very impressive.

Dr Sarwan Sumon

I initially thought it was going to be just another scanner. Oh Boy! I was so wrong! As a busy person, this is just what I needed. It cuts time. Every day as I sip my coffee I make the list and do one last check I'm done. What I really like is every investment opportunity is presented with its own risk-to-reward ratio and this makes this so powerful.


I have been a yearly subscriber of for some time. Everything I ever need for my  Trading is all assembled in one place. Most importantly it works and works well. I love the Market, Sector, and Industry dashboards. I spend 15 minutes a day and all my research and analysis are done!


Master the Market, Sector, and Industry with Three Comprehensive Dashboards

Unleash the Power of 38 Dynamic Scans

Dive deep into the heart of trading with our 38 Dynamic Scans, meticulously designed to give you the upper hand in any market condition. Imagine having not one, but three powerful dashboards at your fingertips, each dedicated to dissecting the complexities of the market, sectors, and industries. This is where data meets strategy, providing you with unparalleled insights and actionable intelligence.

With TradeFinder247, you're not just trading; you're commanding a suite of elite tools tailored to elevate your market presence. Whether you're pinpointing breakout stocks, navigating sector shifts, or uncovering industry trends, these scans and dashboards are your keys to unlocking a world of potential.

Subscribe now and step into the realm of high-calibre trading, where every decision is informed, every move is strategic, and every outcome is optimized for success. Join TradeFinder247 and transform your trading journey today!

Beginner's Gateway to Investing Success!

Scans for the Beginner Investor: Start Your Journey with Confidence

These scans are your first step into the investing world, designed to demystify the market's complexities. They provide clear, easy-to-understand insights tailored for those who are just starting out.

With these scans, you'll quickly learn to identify promising opportunities without feeling overwhelmed by data. They're crafted to boost your confidence, offering a solid foundation that empowers you to make your first investment moves wisely and efficiently. It's about turning curiosity into capability, guiding you toward making informed decisions that set the stage for future success.

Elevate Your Investing Game!

Scans for the Intermediate Investor: Sharpen Your Market Insight

For investors who have gotten their feet wet and are ready to dive deeper, these scans offer more detailed market analysis and insights. They help bridge the gap between beginner and expert by focusing on developing your analytical skills further.

These scans refine your investment strategies, revealing more nuanced opportunities that align with your growing experience. You'll learn to navigate market fluctuations with greater agility, enhancing your portfolio's performance. It's all about leveraging enhanced insights to spot and seize opportunities faster than before, driving your investment journey forward with confidence.

Unlock the Full Spectrum of Investing!

Scans for the Advanced Investor: Master the Market Dynamics

Tailored for the seasoned investor, these advanced scans dive deep into market intricacies, uncovering layers of opportunity through sophisticated analysis. They cater to those who understand the market's ebbs and flows and are ready for next-level investing.

Embrace the power of detailed analytics to maintain your competitive edge. These scans not only identify high-potential investments but also provide the insights needed to make complex decisions with clarity. Elevate your portfolio through strategic diversification and risk management, ensuring sustained growth and success in your investment endeavors.

Navigate Market Waves with Precision!

Scans for Short-Term Swing Trader: Take advantage of the Big Move

Swing trading involves capitalizing on short-term price movements in the market. These scans are crafted for traders looking to profit from these quick shifts, identifying potential entry and exit points with precision.

Gain the agility to move swiftly with the market, making the most of short-term trends. These scans empower you to make informed decisions quickly, optimizing your trades for maximum profitability. It's about staying one step ahead, ensuring you capture opportunities at just the right moment for swift gains.

Strategize Your Swing for Sustained Success!

Scans for Medium-Term Swing Trader: Balance Speed with Strategy

Medium-term swing trading strikes a balance, focusing on opportunities that unfold over weeks to months. These scans help identify longer-lasting trends, providing a broader perspective for strategic moves.

These scans allow you to blend the excitement of swing trading with the prudence of strategic planning. By pinpointing trends with staying power, you can align your trades for more consistent growth, reducing risk while capitalizing on the market's momentum. It's the perfect mix of speed and strategy, tailored for those who enjoy the rhythm of the market.

Secure Your Future with Strategic Investments!

Scans for Position Trader: Invest with the Long View in Mind

Position trading is all about the long game, focusing on investments that will grow over months or years. These scans identify trends and opportunities that have the potential for substantial growth over extended periods.

Embrace the strength of patience and foresight. With these scans, you're not just trading; you're building a robust, resilient portfolio designed for long-term success. Benefit from strategic investments that compound over time, ensuring your financial goals are not just met but exceeded.

Turn Market Momentum into Your Advantage!

Scans for Short-Term Momentum Traders: Quick Moves

For those who thrive on the market's immediate momentum, these scans are designed to capture the essence of quick-moving trades based on short-term movements.

Leverage the market's volatility to your benefit. These scans provide the insights needed to execute fast, informed trades, maximizing your returns in a short period. It's about harnessing the power of now, turning rapid market changes into opportunities for quick wins.

Harness Momentum for Optimal Growth!

Scans for Medium Momentum Trader: Ride the Waves of Success

Medium momentum trading involves leveraging market trends that last several days to a few weeks. These scans are tailored to identify such trends, giving you the upper hand.

With these scans, you're equipped to make strategic moves that capitalize on medium-term market momentum. It's the perfect strategy for those looking to enhance their trading outcomes with a balanced approach, combining the thrill of momentum with the insight of medium-term trends.

Become a Versatile Trader in Any Market!

Scans for Any Market Condition: Trending or Sideways

Whether the market is trending up or down or moving sideways, these scans are designed to identify actionable opportunities in any condition, making you a versatile trader.

Unlock the ability to thrive in any market scenario. These scans equip you with the knowledge to adapt your strategy on the fly, ensuring you're always positioned to profit, regardless of market direction. It's about becoming a trading chameleon, seamlessly blending with the market's ever-changing landscape.

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  • Fund Manager Scans: Get Access to scans similar to that used by Fund Managers
  • Momentum Scans: Get accessed to High Probability Momentum Scans
  • Price Pattern Scans: Get access to scans that are price movement based scans
  • Get PRIORITY List:  Get Prioritised list of high reward and low-risk investing opportunities
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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Who will benefit from TradeFinder247?

    Investors of all skill levels, beginners, intermediate and advanced will benefit from this.

    Which markets is it covering now?

    We are currently offering it for anyone trading the US markets for now but could expand to other countries soon.

    Are there any discounts?

    If you subscribe yearly you will get 2 months subscription free.

    Should I take Trades on Auto-pilot without doing due diligence?

    No. We ask you to treat as your co-pilot and do one last final manual check to ensure you are taking the best trade. You are responsible for your trading and investing decisions.